Rules for Magix Mall!!!

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Rules for Magix Mall!!! Empty Rules for Magix Mall!!!

Post  Crystalyna on Wed Aug 24, 2011 7:08 pm

Welcome to Magix Mall!
In this section, you can create your own store. Show you talent by giving the list of the things you can do in the field of graphic or other!
Have in mind that you do not spend or earn any winx coins by ordering or creating a shop!

1. Anyone can have a shop.
2. Only one shop/topic per user. If you want to have a new shop you have to delete your already existing one.
3. Let your customers know what your shop is about on the title and the first page of your topic.
4. Posting material with violent, provocative, religious or rude intentions is not permitted.
5. Posting messages with nudity or sexual content is strictly prohibited!
6. If you are not satisfied with the creator’s work you can provide constructive criticism. Insulting or trashing creator’s work is not allowed.
7. Abusive language of any kind is not allowed!
8. Creators’ work must be original. Posting another person’s work without giving credit is not allowed!
9. Shops that are not updated regularly (within a month) will be locked. If there is a reason for this, it should be added in topic's title ''closed till...due to...''


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