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Post  Crystalyna on Wed Aug 24, 2011 6:49 pm

Hello everyone!
Welcome to "Amore 4ever"

In this section, you can talk about your everyday problems and other daily life stuff, your friends, family and loved ones.

None of us have similar way of thinking. So, you are not allowed to insult or make fun of other users, just respect them.
Stay related to the topic theme, going off topic will be considered as a rule-breaking action.

Strictly prohibited:
Advertising other websites/forums.

Your topic titles should be related to your content inside the topic.
For Example: If your topic is about a problem at school, to make others understand what you want to talk a suitable title might be "I have a problem at school," but not "COME HERE!" or worse "HELP!". Help topics should be in the "Help Me" section.

Good luck! and Have fun!

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