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Post  Crystalyna on Wed Aug 24, 2011 6:54 pm

What is a Role play Game?
Roleplaying is when you are a character (Bloom, for example) and you write in a story with other players as though you were Bloom.


You're not allowed to make any character that's sole purpose is to be against any other user, unless stated at the onset of the game that the character you create is the nemesis of another character AND the player of the other character agrees to it.
you're not allowed to use short forms while writing. for example: (v= we, r= are).
you're not allowed to post any picture of your character in the actual games. There is a designated place to post images and CIS's (Character Information Sheets) or bios within the forum and that is the only place where they should be posted.
no harsh posts will be tolerated.
you're not allowed to start another topic before finishing the first one unless the topic dies and it is agreed amongst the players to start a new topic.
contact mini mods through the mod contact topic listed here, if you want to delete or lock any topic which is useless.
always remember we have to keep this forum neat and clean
No cursing is allowed on the site, in or out of character
Discrimination of other members or their works will not be tolerated. For example, when playing in the game, you CANNOT ignore a player because you do not like them, or get along. That would be considered discrimination and it's not tolerated.
No one may kill off another member (or pet) without first getting that members permission through private messaging.
Spamming of any kind is not allowed
Limit of 3 characters per member on the site. This limit can be changed to 5 characters a person when Ayuko & Kichoro deem appropriate.
Please don't post in capitals, it's considered shouting and can be rude sometimes. Unless the character is actually shouting, please avoid this.
No moving another player's characters without their permission, however, hugging or jumping on, or in some other way suddenly coming in contact with another player's character is acceptable within reason. The player of the character who was collided with reserves the right to adjust the initial post to avoid being touched if they so choose.
If you interact with another character, you must wait until they respond or for you must wait 24 hours before continuing with another post to give them a chance to reply.
No characters with the power to read minds.
Since characters cannot read minds, please do not play them as though they can. If a character is thinking something, unless it is obvious what it is that they're thinking about OR it makes sense that someone would know what they are thinking about, your character shouldn't be able to tell what is on their mind.
The playing of official characters (Winx, Sky, Brandon, etc.) are on a first come, first serve basis and will be taken in the way of sign up sheets. If the character you want is taken, please do not be disheartened. There will be other opportunities to play the characters are they will be rotated to allow everyone a chance to play them.

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